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We are a team that provide solutions and planning services to aviation companies.


Aviation is one of the constantly growing sectors and the need for qualified workforce is increasing. We closely follow the digital developments of the World, analyze the conditions of the sector and know we have sufficient workforce.

We believe that we can change your working conditions with the international aircraft maintenance planning activities we offer you, so that you can be adapted to the changing conditions of the world with us.

The service we offer today determines your business in future. Being able to plan aircraft maintenance under the same conditions all over the world will carry us all to the future with better quality.


We work with our professional team and engineer staff to carry out international aviation procedures and quality management with certain authorities.

We offer our advanced digital system, where we introduce our employees to you, along with their diplomas and documents. By organizing the working conditions, we

manage your planning processes and ensure data security with our superior technical network, we fulfil the requirements of international law.

We will be offering you the perfect service network as a 24-hour planning service.

We realized the conditions of the world is facing today and their effects which will only increase in the coming years, so we created our mission and vision.

Our mission is to be the preferred company that carries the aviation industry forward with the service we provide and the service network we have established.

Our vision is to make working from anywhere in the world with such service network at the lowest cost possible.

Knowing how close your country is to us, you will meet all our professional staff. Aircraft maintenance planning will always move your workforce forward and you will eliminate all conditions that involve cost and risk. As a result; you will experience the comfort of devoting much more time and effort to your companys' service quality and safety.


We exempt you from legal and social obligations (employees' social expenses, office expenses, etc.) while calculating the average cost of your companys' employees.

We assume all legal obligations together with the service provided by us, all taxes and seniority, annual leaves. We draw performance values on your behalf and protect all your rights set out in contracts with you.

The advantageous geography of Turkey and our qualified engineers are the main reasons why you should prefer us to support you in providing employment with the requested qualifications.

Our Services

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Service for Part-145 Companies

We provide workforce service within the shift order of your company's aircraft maintenance plans in accordance with legal conditions.

What does this give you?

Transferring all costs of the employee, their legal compensations and similar processes to us;

∙ Developing and reporting the performance and career fields of the employee to you and to manage the service quality of our personnel working with you on your behalf;

∙ Obtaining appropriate compensation management with our certified employees;

∙ You do not have additional costs (housing, meals, social benefits, etc.);

∙ Keeping up to date with carefully prepared reports;

∙ Making real and necessary maintenance fees by making more profit with well-planned maintenance of the companies you work with, and realizing your more service sales by the planning teams;

∙ Detailed examination of maintenance documents, detection of tool consumable deficiencies, correction and completion of deficiencies and errors in accordance with the requirements of authorities and manufacturers without sharing the work package with the customer;

∙ Providing consultancy, training and similar support regarding the audit stages in the necessary audit processes;

∙ Ensuring that the planning specialist who serves you will be with you when necessary.

TNA (Tool Need Analysis)

To prepare the TNA with high care in a short time for incoming work orders to be accepted, to reduce the workload on the technicians and to deliver the relevant TNA to the technician before the work starts.

Optimum TNA preparation within the scope of work requested for new type authorizations, if requested.

Part-145 Technical Training Documentation

Preparing and planning in-house (PART-145) trainings, which are obligatory for companies, and ensuring that they are given online and, if requested, offline by aviation professionals who are experts in their field. They take place in our staff as trainers who attended these trainings for at least 100+ hours and whose efficiency has been estimated and proved.

Human Factors, EWIS, Technological Changes Etc.

MCC Support

Providing 24/7 online and mobilized support with our staff consisting of CSs with 15+ years of experience in their field.

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